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Old 30-08-06, 10:31 AM
Ton Hermes
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Default It was a lot of fun to make this

It was a fine experience to paint with this medium.
I think I will do some more in color.
Panel of mdf, size 9x12 cm
3 layers of rabitskin glue.
5 layers of gesso
Sometimes I painted over a stroke I just did.
- What is the time interval between 2 stokes over the same area?
- Is it ok to mix the color on the work area?

With regards, Ton Hermes

Click here for a big picture

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Old 02-09-06, 01:04 AM
Alessandra Kelley Alessandra Kelley is offline
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It's very watercolor-y, a nice, tiny work. I'm glad you like the medium.

I usually wait at least a minute to let a paint stroke dry before going over it, otherwise it lifts the paint. Of course, sometimes you want that effect.

You can mix colors on the painting, but it's risky. It can lift the gesso underneath and make a big mess. I find it better to mix colors on the palette, and layer colors on the painting.
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Old 09-09-06, 04:21 PM
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no comment on the subject!

but I do like your quick brush strokes, don't forget that you can use ET on cotton Artist grade Paper 200grs +, I think its a great adventure to use ET & Paper for fast sketches and preliminary drawings of your final ET painting.

ET on Paper is also a great reference collection for notes or gifts.
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