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Old 25-09-06, 08:07 PM
Alessandra Kelley Alessandra Kelley is offline
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Damar does yellow, and darken, and it cracks, too. And it seeps into Ultramarine Blue and changes it from velvety bright blue to glossy tansparent blue-black. Basically, damar varnish adds most of the disadvantages of oil paint to an egg tempera painting.

I don't think beeswax actually darkens with age.
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Old 26-09-06, 01:50 AM
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jeff jeff is offline
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I've been thinking about the darkening of wax varnish and think there may be some truth in it. I have a lot of bleached beeswax stored in a shed that gets quite hot during summer and some time ago I went to get some more and found the top layer was slightly darker than the rest. I suppose it is an oxidising process.

On the other hand one way of making bleached beeswax is to expose it to lots of sunlight which would seem to say that constant exposure to light will make it more transparent.

It could be that in lots of recipes for wax varnish there is also damar added which we do know to darken. I only have applied it dissolved on its own in turpentine in quite thin coats - just enough to allow an even polish.

After looking through all my literature on egg tempera I also have come across references that seem to cast some doubt on the use of egg white with regard to darkening. Whether this applies to glair
- which I think is also called egg water - may be another issue. I'd like to get to some result on this because I do think there needs to be some protection for the painting and I don't like glass.

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