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Old 04-05-07, 07:54 PM
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My belief is that overpainting an ET will destroy its qualities and end up looking like a (dead) gouache painting or a dog of a painting as M describes. If you are painting over an existing painting surely the first painting will act as the underpainting and show through all those exquisite layers....methinks you may destroy the qualities of ET. After all......the beauties of this medium is that it relies on what has passed before....building transparent layer upon transparent layer with a little bit of added under painting in between. Whenever I have made a mistake and that is quite often, ( :oops: ) there is nothing like the razor blade (and nothing as quick) to remove those layers and start again.
My motto is that I don't have time for short cuts where painting is concerned and that is why I would completely scrape or sand off a previous painting in its entirety before repainting a panel or rectifying a mistake or passage that did not work.
It is just my opinion.......I do not want to be dogmatic about is just what I feel is best for me through my experiences..... :-?
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