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Old 31-10-07, 02:28 AM
loajoy loajoy is offline
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Default Old Country Lady

Time to get back to ET painting, itís been several years plus my membership is overdue.
I worked as a graphic artist for 40 plus years (advertising & all its counterparts) Now at 78 Iím home (very rural, no dishwasher, garbage disposal all that stuff) mow the weeds, can fruit and mess with most art media including digital camera, all the while ignoring the occasional lost-thought, well, who doesnít forget what they went to the garage forÖwhat?
Iíve enjoyed this site for years; itís exceptional, informative and even entertaining.
I have a web site of some of my work, including an et. Thanks for being thereÖ
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Old 04-11-07, 04:52 PM
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RobM RobM is offline
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Hi Loajoy.......welcome to the forums...........
I often, more times than I can recall, go somewhere and wonder why the hell I'm here........I've developed a system of writing myself notes before I embark on an unkown venture into the unknown.........just having to think what I am doing here!!!!!!! Oh yes...replying to you..............anyway.......enjoy the forums.....we look forward to whatever input you have.................
Rob say you have a web site.....what is the URL????.......:)
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Old 16-11-07, 02:34 AM
ChrisM ChrisM is offline
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Hi Loajoy, Its great to hear you are 78, that gives me so much encouragement that if can be as diligent as you I can still grow and learn and improve as a painter. I hope you come back and post your web site address so we can visit it. Thank YOU for being here! Chris
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