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Old 11-12-07, 03:08 AM
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Default Mixed media with egg tempera

Does anyone have experience layering watercolor, gouache, or casein on top of layers of egg tempera? Can you add egg yolk medium to casein? I know you can add it to watercolor and gouache. Since each of these media have a particular, and desirable, quality, I am curious if layering any (or all) of them in between multiple layers of egg tempera would be archival? Any advice on mix media possibilities with egg tempera besides oil?
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Old 11-12-07, 11:46 PM
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Default Good Questions

The question isn't really can you add egg to these things but...should you?

When I first started painting in egg tempera, I asked around about using my watercolors and gouache because I have so much of it. The answers were all different. Some said it would be OK to use watercolor or qouache interchangeably with egg tempera and others said not to. So, I finally went to the source and called M. Graham Paints and asked the owner what he thought. He pointed out that watercolor is loaded with things like gum arabic and honey and preservatives that aren't compatible with egg tempera because the layers would not only lift off if they came into contact with liquid (they are sitting on the surface of a panel and not soaking onto a sheet of paper) but the honey absorbs moisture from the air and might cause problems down the road as well. Art Graham said that qouache could probably be used because it was missing the honey but still contained things that would be gum arabic. His parting advice to me was to buy the dry pigments which have stood the test of time and mix my own. Casein, on the other hand, you will have to ask someone else about as I have almost no experience with it and haven't asked. I know there are people that use it at different stages of panel preparation but I do know that purists would reject its use. Good luck!
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