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Old 17-09-08, 05:33 PM
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Default Hi there everyone

I almost didn't post this after reading some of the threads, I'm feeling totally intimidated!!
I went to the Ontario College of Art 30 years ago and didn't finish because life got in the way. Now, my daughter goes there and one of the things touched on last year was Egg Tempera. This seems to be exactly what I am looking for. I love the details that are possible and I love the glowing colour. My only complaint is that no one in the Toronto area seems to know much about it, I can see I will end up being self taught. What books would anyone recommend? Also I have been looking for a muller to grind pigments and almost no one knows what I'm even talking about, does anyone know where I can buy or order this item?
Hope someone looks at this remembers there beginnings and takes pity on me!!
Thanks in advance from Brenda in Toronto, Ontario
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Old 17-09-08, 08:23 PM
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Hello Brenda and welcome!
The technical section of this website should give you most of the information you need to get started in egg tempera. Post questions here on the forum. (We like to show off how much we know.) I can't recommend any books because the only one I've used (Robert Vickrey's "New Techniques in Egg Tempera") is out of print...
My opinion is: don't waste money on a muller. I bought one 15 years ago and have never used it. If you buy powdered pigments from any of the reputable suppliers they should be fine as is.
Look forward to hearing from you!
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Old 17-09-08, 11:37 PM
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Hello Brenda, In '78 I was in 3rd year at OCA painting mainly in egg tempera.

Phil is right, read the technical area and you will find answers to most all of your questions. If you need anything clarified or you have more questions don't hesitate to ask.

I have the book "The Practice of Tempera Painting" by Daniel V. Thompson Jr.- it's a good technical reference.

I bought my muller at a stained glass supply shop in Toronto. It could have been A J Stained Glass Supply? The place carried 3 different sizes. Pigments are extremely fine and really don't need to be mulled, some egg tempera artists mix pigment and egg on the fly. Some tempera artists will use a muller to help wet a batch of pigment in water to keep in jars, using a bit of wet paste with their egg. The second method has the advantages of getting the more difficult pigments ready for use and it can be easier on wear and tear of your brushes if you use them for all your mixing.

Happy painting!
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Old 18-09-08, 03:00 AM
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Default Welcome!

Hi Brenda,
I often feel intimidated too! So many people on this forum know so much, and are so helpful.

One book that helped me get started in ET was "The Luminous Brush" by Altoon Sultan. There is quite a lot of good information in there and her practical advice got me over the hurdle of how and where to start. I found quickly that I have no interest in making my own gesso panels. I followed directions in her book, and on this website, and some were, OK but it is much easier to buy them! After losing a couple of paintings to pinholes I decided it definitely wasn't worth the time and effort.

Some of the best help I got was right here on the Egg Tempera website in the technical pages. I think most people who work in ET find their own likes and dislikes. I don't use a muller but do sometimes use a mortar and pestle to grind my paint.

Kama Pigments ( is in Montreal. I realize that is a good long way from you but you can use their website easily and I'll bet you can talk to them on the phone. I have bought their dispersions, as have others on this forum and it is a great way to get into ET without a lot of mess and fuss of grinding pigments. They also sell pigments and other supplies of interest for all kinds of art applications.

Keep asking questions. We all learn from answers from so many experts!

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Old 18-09-08, 04:28 PM
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Hi Brenda;

Any of those books mentioned are useful (try to find the Vickrey one in your local library), but my favorite is the self-published one by Koo Shadler, available through her website.

I'm entirely self-taught as well, learning everything about ET from this site, and those books. I'm continually amused and amazed how the new technology of the internet has helped so many of us get trained in this ancient craft.

I also agree that a muller isnt really necessary, but if you decide you still want one, a simple glass or ceramic mortar and pestle available in a kitchen supply store should do the trick for the small batches of paint that ET would use (marble is too porous). Mullers are much more vital if you wanted to make your own oilpaint, or decided to dig up pigments yourself.
Jeff G

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Old 19-09-08, 03:58 AM
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Welcome Brenda, don’t feel intimidated.

Robert Vickery’s book is readily available used.
It is most valuable for a view of his wonderful paintings. As far as technical information there is far more on this site than in all of the books combined.
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Old 25-09-08, 08:29 PM
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