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Old 13-02-10, 11:59 AM
Leviathan Leviathan is offline
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I also want to use an alternative ground instead of a canvas. I have read several things about plywood, hardboard and something called MDF plates. But there is only one thing that i can say, nothing seemed to be a sure thing.

But i cant belive this. Isnt there anything that would work well as a ground? Has someone used ever anodized aluminium? Or is there some kind of plywood etc. that could be used savely without cracking or warping?

I dont want to use a greater format. I guess not bigger than 50x50 cm.

And how can i find out whats inside the material? I mean someone is talking about acid fluids inside the material that will affect the painting or wrong wood was used so the wood will crack etc. I dont want to paint a picture and put a lot of work inside and after a year or so it will be "broken"? And how long must i wait until i can say "ok, this ground seems to be sure"?

I mean isnt there any ground that i can buy and be sure that it will not destroy my picture?

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Old 13-02-10, 02:31 PM
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PhilS PhilS is offline
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Untempered masonite (hardboard) is the preferred substrate here in the US. It may not be available in Germany, but you might inquire about it. It isn't expensive and is fabricated without any glues (wood particles under high pressure) so off-gassing isn't a problem. There is one hitch: because it doesn't sell as well as tempered masonite, companies are apparently only making it in limited batches, available by special order. I found a local lumberyard that had 4 sheets left, so I bought them.
We've had many discussions on this board about plywoods, MDF boards, etc. No one is 100 percent sure of their long-term stability.
One of the companies that makes (or made) untempered masonite is the Duron Corp.
When I'm unable get untempered masonite any more, I plan to either construct linden or poplar boards (as was done in Italy in the 1400s) or learn how to make plywood using lime glue. We'll see.
Hope this helps.

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Old 14-02-10, 10:46 AM
Leviathan Leviathan is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Germany
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Thank you so far.

I can try to find these untempered masonite here. And whats about strutted playwood with a linen? Would this be an alternative? And if yes, where can i find a good introduction of how to glue the linen on the plywood?

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