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Old 18-05-10, 12:27 PM
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Originally Posted by artistcb View Post
Thanks Jeff, and I like your idea of doing the wash over the panel as a first step. Do you do this in a color or just super lightly and wipe off or ?????
I do it as a semi-transparent and streaky mix of yellow ochre and burnt sienna. Usually this preliminary wash is completely covered in the final painting, but sometimes shows through in little flecks which is a nice effect.

My tempera technique uses opaque white paint to make my highlights, and I do not use the white of the gesso for my lights like a transparent watercolor would. Of course, if one relies on using the white gesso as an underlying light source, using an overall tinted wash is not the way to go.
Jeff G
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Old 19-05-10, 09:44 PM
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Sorry I haven't gotten back to this conversation lately. Most of the Panelli a Gesso panels I use are re-gessoed with Gamblin gesso mix. The panels on which I'm still using the gesso they came with do have some problems sometimes but I still can't detect what the problem is. They have been examined for surface problems like pitting and also cleaned with alcohol, but I still have problems with some of them. I think I'll just use those for oils !
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