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Old 24-07-10, 04:06 AM
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Default insects

What eats your paintings? Mine get eaten by silverfish.... unless I add black linseed oil, or stand oil, turpentine or what else you got in mind?
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Old 24-07-10, 12:48 PM
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For me, silverfish are a problem, but they come and go. They seem to lose interest in the paintings after they're about a month old. I used to use a clove oil wash to deter them, but I'm not sure if it helped. They're about the only pest I've encountered, although I've heard mice can be a problem too.
Jeff G
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Old 25-07-10, 09:18 PM
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Default i've got two stories

i sent a miniature painting, only about 4" tall, to a national juried show, which happened to be here in atlanta. and i was fortunate enough to win a prize in the show. and on top of that, the juror purchased the painting for herself. all well and good, but the painting went into storage in a closet owned by the lady who was handling the several hundred miniature paintings. my painting was an egg tempera painting and had only been completed for a week to ten days, so it was quite fresh. when we had the opening of the show and i went and looked at the show, my painting looked truly, truly strange. it had turned granulated, and there were parts of the paint surface that had almost disappeared. i was appalled. i asked the lady who had been in charge of storing the paintings and installing the exhibition if anything unusual had happened to the painting while she had it in her custody. she said that she had found it covered with ants. that was the clue. they must have loved the fresh egg surface, and taken half of it away with them. as soon as the opening was over, i put the painting in my pocket and took it home for the weekend, and repainted the entire thing in time to get it back into the exhibition on monday morning. it took all weekend, as it had two large figures and several other smaller figures in it.

my second story has to do with a six-foot tall egg tempera painting that was a full length portrait of a woman in an elegant 19th century costume standing on the stairway of an old house here in atlanta, with the sunlight streaming down on her from high windows above her, and a large stained glass window behind her. i had this painting about 9/10 finished, sitting in my studio. one morning i got up to go back up to the studio, and discovered that the lower quarter of the painting had been smudged, rubbed, abraded, and general washed off. boy was i surprised. what had happened was that my son and daughter in law had their bedroom adjacent to my studio room, and during the night they had opened up their bedroom door to let their pet wolf out to roam around. their wolf ate my painting. i don't know anyone else who has ever had a wolf eat one of their paintings, but if you ever hear of anyone else with that experience, please let me know. i repainted it for the next two days, and still have the painting.
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Old 27-07-10, 02:53 AM
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Great stories Jim! But I don't have wolves here....... Silverfish are the devils to me .... I really had no luck with clove or dammer or anything else but black oil and/or stand oil with turpentine ... I love all that but it seems to get away from the whole ET purist thing. (which I like)(being a purist and all)(ha)
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