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Old 10-12-12, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by VK View Post
Was this acrylic varnish spirit based (MSA)? I can see a water-based acrylic varnish possibly dissolving the gum arabic heavy layers but it would be strange for the sprit-based versions to do this...
Not so strange, really. Anything that is liquid can cause gum arabic to disperse, especially if it's brushed on. It doesn't matter if there is water in it or not. Even oil can affect gum arabic when it's dry, and a spirit based varnish would do the same. However, if I understand all this discussion so far, Mona was asking about varnishing over a tempera painting that had been coated with either shellac or Liquin, correct? Water or any sort of varnishes should not be able to penetrate through such a barrier to possibly affect the gum arabic.

Originally Posted by mona
...The one time I tried an acrylic varnish on an egg tempera that was about 6 months old (it had been an illustration assignment), perhaps due to some gum arabic content in the mix, the paint bled and it more or less ruined the painting.
Was there any sort of barrier between that egg tempera and the acrylic varnish, such as shellac or Liquin, or did you apply the varnish directly to the tempera painting?

In my varnish method I described earlier for my caseins, the main reason I prefer using Liquitex's Gloss Varnish as an isolation barrier is that it doesn't have to be diluted first with water, as Golden's Soft Gel must be to be used for the same purpose. After about 4 months or so, the casein has cured to such a degree that the liquid medium won't affect it.
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