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Old 26-08-13, 12:30 AM
arbrador arbrador is offline
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Default studio lighting

Hello Everyone,

I find myself in the unusual situation of perhaps having too much light in my new studio!
Almost all the information I find online is from artists who are trying to duplicate natural north light in their studios and so there are long discussions about what kinds of light fixtures to buy and where to place them. I have the opposite problem: a huge skylight maybe 30' directly overhead. The studio space has no ceiling just 18' high walls and the ceiling with the skylights is common to all the other studios.

There is a UV filter on the skylight so I do not get any direct sunlight thank goodness. But the light changes quite a bit throughout the day. The light itself is extremely beautiful but I'm concerned that too much light may cause me to paint in darker values? Also if I do decide to participate in the open studios I'm concerned that the overabundance of light will wash out all the colors.

There is no way to create a ceiling in order to shade some of the light but I am looking into renting another studio in the same building. I'm hoping some of you may have insight into this issue because I really love the space and also do love the beautiful light.

I know this isn't a specific ET issue but I do paint in ET and have been painting very large paintings currently about 4' x 5' which is partially why I wanted this large studio space (400sq ft).

Thanks for any ideas you may have.

Lora Arbrador
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Old 27-09-13, 09:39 PM
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Haven't been paying attention, so just noticed your post. One of the museums I do work for has special "screens, shades" that reduce the amount of light coming in. They can be pulled into position like window shades, and run in tracks on either side of the window. Something similar would work for the sloped skylight windows, though I'm sure it's not cheap. When I'm there next week, I'll see if I can get some more info.

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Old 24-10-13, 04:12 AM
arbrador arbrador is offline
Join Date: Aug 2003
Location: USA
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Default studio lighting

Thanks so much Bron! That sounds like a great idea. My skylight is very high up and lights up other studios other than mine so I won't be able to screen those skylights. I just happen to be directly below it so I get the most direct light. There is already a UV screen so thank goodnes I never get any direct sunlight.

But I can string up some curtains from two by fours but they will have to be swept aside when I'm not there because there is a sprinkler system and it is not legal to have curtains overhead. In the end, I've put the word out to look for a different studio in the building.
But I would be interested in knowing what type of material is used in the museum.

Thanks again!

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