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Old 07-01-10, 11:07 AM
Sladojevic Sladojevic is offline
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Thank you for your advice Anann. I believe that it would have worked a treat, and I'll make sure to try it out another time.

I tackled the problem by applying gouache instead of tempera. Not the ideal solution, but it did work. Paint did stick to the gold and I was able to remove certain sections, however gouache didn't respond to well to subsequent layers of tempera.

I solved secondary problem with mixing few drops of ox gell with my tempered paint.

Once again thanks to all for your useful advices.
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Old 19-06-15, 11:24 PM
Richard Richard is offline
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Default I have recently applied tempera to water gilding for sgraffito

Hi, I received the following advice from a Greek Iconographer Eva Vlavianos about applying tempera over water gilding for scrafito. Do Not use ox gall over the gold, it is another layer between the gold and the tempera, which if you are at all heavy handed in the final varnishing can cause the varnish to lif off the tempera. You can apply a thin coat of shellac over the gold or paint directly onto the gold. I have done both successfully. It is best to use a stronger mix of egg and pigment one of water to one of egg (I generally use 1 of egg to 2 of water) you may well have to apply three to five thin coats for good coverage. It also helps to use a squirrel brush rather than a sable. Do not leave the surface to be scrafitoed too long before working on it. I would generally do it the next day. It is a very beautiful effect and well worth persevering with.
Good luck Richard
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Old 10-09-15, 12:09 AM
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A drop of rabbit skin glue in the tempera paint will help the paint to adhere to the gold. Try it on a gilded scrap and see if you like the results along with the stiffer consistency of the tempera.

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