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Old 04-07-17, 02:59 AM
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Default Looking into Tempera

Hello everyone! Seems like this forum is one that's not bustling, but is incredibly important, given the small community ET seems to have.

I'd like to introduce myself and express how happy I am to have found you all. I have perused a bit, and am so enamored with the work here. I'm an artist who's full-time employed as a concept artist for video games. It's where my skill goes, but I fight to sate talent in real media with entirely different subjects.

I'm very detail-oriented when it comes to my personal work- which is typically pencils and inks, but I've been doing much more oil painting lately, and I'm LOVING it- the color! I love acrylics and watercolors too, but I'm extremely curious about trying Egg Tempera. I have a gut feeling it's my true north, though I have very little understanding of it. I don't even know where to get pigments haha.

Yesterday was my 2nd trip to the Brandywine River Museum, where they have a retrospective on Andrew Wyeth, as his 100th birthday would have been July 17th of this year (2017). They currently have a show where several dozen works of his can be seen -right up close, where typically they have just one modest room sporting around 20 of his works.

It was so incredible.

I got right up and saw the flecks, the hatching, the thumb prints, the loose and messy strokes of the underpaintings. Oh, wow, do I ever want to try it!

I currently live in Southern Pennsylvania (work in Northern Maryland). My personal work tends to mostly have been split between slightly-caricatured historical figures and, as quite a contrast, imaginative/fantasy/surreal.

I hope to make some new friends here, and participate in the inspiration game. I'm kind of a mad scientist with art, so I'm truly looking forward to learning the tricks of ET- I've spoken at length with a friend who apprenticed with a master Egg Tempera artist, and the methods appeal to me on a gut level. Fingers crossed, I'm in the ballpark.
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