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Old 29-09-03, 08:53 AM
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My father has had quite a bit of eye trouble and has been suffering from serious macular degeneration, he has agreeded to take part in a study to see if the condition is passed down through familes. As I am now in my fifties and also suffering from eyestrain I was very interested in the questions the research team asked him, about his use of vitamins. He takes a multi-vitamin daily and was advised to carry on with this. I asked further questions and was advised that people with very pale coloured eyes are more prone to macular degeneration and should look at their vitamin intake as well as being careful to always wear sunglasses in bright light. I decided to start using a vitamin tablet called ICaps which are specfically formulated for eyes but I am sure there are other formulations which cover the same range of vitamins. As painters we are very particular about which pigments, brushes work well for are but are probably not as careful about the use of our eyes , hands - body.
Best wishes
Old 29-09-03, 01:17 PM
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Sorry to hear about this "macular" degeneration condition richard, hope everything turns out ok.
But its got me thinking now as I too have real problems with sun light , even if its not that bright.
Got an apoinment with an eye specialist at the hostital(the optitian sent me, and i didnt even know!!!) seems i was reffered on to him 2 MONTHS AGO AND IM STILL ON TH WAITING LIST!!!
So will ask about this macular degeneration aswell.
But keep up with the vitamins, they can really work wonders, i take a mega dose of vitamin C(1000mg per hour upto 15, 000mg per day) as soon as i feel a cold coming on and it either stops it or else really shortens its duration and prevents other secondary complications ie bronchitus ect from kicking in.
Still using the bates method and so far its eased the eye strain a bit, but the longer its used the better the results.
Old 30-09-03, 07:28 PM
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Is this a latitudenal problem?
Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Midlands..........I regularly get 'flashing streaks' in my vision, especially after a days painting and when the sun is bright. I've just accepted it as 'being my age'...... 55 on Thursday!!!!!(All cards gratefully accepted!!)
The recent postings have made me think that instead of purchasing the Boots special specs (x1, x2, x3.......x50... etc....) I should see an optician. Thanks guys, I see just how serious an issue this can be.
Next time I'm in the bowels of the forum admin I may just set up a medical forum :!:
Old 01-10-03, 04:35 PM
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Yep rob you really should see an optition and quite regulary at the very least every 12 months.
Ah so you get flashing lights aswell? Well your not the only one so do I!!!
I get these bright lights clouding my vision, i cant see hardly any thing when i get it, luckily i only get it say once a month and only lasts half an hour or so.
Not sure its to do with age as im 34 and get these bright lights.
I honesly believe its due to the flickering of the strip light i use to use, ive just been looking at the light and it flickers on and off quite profoundly, ive only had these bright lights whist painting underneath the flickering strip light, im never going to use a strip light ever again.

Im using 2 100 watt daylight bulbs now and my eyes dont seem half as bad, mind you the bates method is helping aswell :-)

But good luck with the optitions rob!!!!

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