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Old 03-01-06, 10:37 PM
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Default Re: Mold ("Mould" to you Brits)

Originally Posted by PhilS
...visiting my parents and they showed me some mold on a painting I had given them back in 1987.

mildew: Organic surfaces exposed to high temperature-humidity atmospheres are attacked by fungus growth. This dark discoloration, usually a mold type of fungus but more commonly called "mildew."

Have a happy 2006 8-)
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Old 08-05-08, 04:24 AM
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Default desiccant

hello, i'm new here, in fact i'm waiting for my egg tempera tools to come by mail so i can start this medium. i've been in and out of the framing business for 4 years. since mold/mildew needs a moist humid environment you can curb all that by dropping in a couple of silica gel packets before you seal up your frame. you can buy them in bulk at this site is great! certainly the most informational site that i have been able to find. thank you all.
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Old 15-07-08, 01:54 PM
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Default mildew

Hello, I'm new to this forum and am in need of help. I have an appointment in a few days, and took some paintings down to wrap them, and found what I think is mildew. I have a leaky brick wall that's being repaired, and the room must have gotten extra damp. Now the dehumidifier is on...

So, can i just wipe the mildew off and feel ok about the paintings? In some areas it left dark discolorations, subtle little spots.

Should I clean with any solvent to kill the spores?

Thanks so much for any input!

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Old 15-07-08, 04:48 PM
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The word "solvent" scares the @#$% out of me. My advice is to try the old cotton ball method. As Dennis mentioned, you can buff the entire surface and bring up a nice semi-gloss. If this doesn't remove the spots I would contact a conservator (depending on how much money you want to spend.) My guess is that the cotton will work, particularly if the paintings are several years old. If they were recently painted, buff carefully. It takes a year or two for tempera to really harden.
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Old 21-07-08, 02:19 PM
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Yes, the cotton mostly worked. I tried a little water on a soft brush. The paintings were completed several years ago. Under a loupe, i still see a little something. I'm hoping that in a temperature and humidity controlled environment the mildew will not re-occur.
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