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Old 12-06-11, 04:56 AM
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THanks for the insight, Rob. Wow, 20 years of experience! THat is great.

Originally Posted by RobM View Post
Just picked up on this thread........I have been using MDF for well over 20 years and the only problems I have encountered was a little warping. I'm afraid that European MDF does contain formaldehyde so only sand or cut outside or wear a mask. I have a tendency to sand the front surface about 5mm from the edge to a slight bevel. When gessoing I also gesso the sides as well as the back. There is a slight moisture absorption when gessoing the sides and there is a tendancy for the panel to swell a little thus the 5mm slight bevel. I found by not producing that'bevel' when sanding the gesso I would get down to the MDF at the edge. (Hope I have explained myself....)
I work on panels from quite small and occassionally up to 1200mm x 900mm (approx 4' x 3').
I have never used a fabric and so far none of my customers has reported any problems. I have a number of works well over 20 years old and they also have no problems.
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Old 13-06-11, 03:27 PM
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Default using MDF anyway...

Hi SL,
My panels are 30 x 60 cm and 30 X 40 cm - 2 each.
I recommend using a normal strength size solution. The strong glue solution I used (I think) was 2 cups water to 3 TBSP RSG. I am on the road so I can't check. I usually let size dry over night, in this case I don't think it matters so much. If someone has a more informed opinion please correct me. I used a very fine, thin cotton. I soaked it in the melted glue, squeezed it out and stretched it out on the boards. Then used a wooden slat to squeege the glue out to the edges and mopped up the extra run off. Good luck to you,

[QUOTE=Silver Lining;6073]Thanks Ellen.

How large are your panels? Would you recommend the same solution strength for the size as well as gluing down the panels? When you put size on, do you let it dry over night?
I bought a little coarser cotton thinking it would be closer to linen and since my panel sizes are 'large' (30" x 40").
When you glue your fabric on, do you slowly apply it as you put down your RS glue or just paint the glue on and apply the cloth?
-Silver Lining
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mdf, support problem

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