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Old 03-04-05, 04:01 PM
K. Lee
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Default Of art and artists

Perhaps to keep from going off the deep end as an artist, there is a obligation to the self to paint, draw, sculpt, you name it, personal matters.

To make a long story short, I think a lot, and persue a career in arts, finding myself up to date with arts as a whole. This for me boils down to a lot of thinking, and work. The definition of which, keeping up with my "art" is not any different then working as a construction laborer, or a dish washer, et cetera. It's my job, and there's necessity to produce daily. This is where I think doing something for myself or something personal is important.

A "sneeze" might laugh at this, but, I really think it necessary to step back and reflect to oneself on inner desires besides the career. Plenty, and many artists have gone insane, often some of the best. While creativity and working with the hands can be fun, or thought of as "privledged", in the end it as a career is as demanding on the self as any other. I think every artist should heed their direction but also not be so as intense as to hurt oneself by simply avoiding themselves or their inside. Please consider art and self as seperable so as not to fall into the pitfall of many of the world's great artists, and do personal things which aren't bfor career.

Peace and love,

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