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Old 08-12-08, 03:12 AM
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Question How do I repair missing paint?

I've been working in egg tempera off and on for about 15 years now, and just discovered you I'm so glad!

About 10 years ago i did 2 paintings on claybord (5"x7"). After they had spent several months in the air on my book shelf, I wrapped them in cotton flannel and put them away, taken out occasionally to show students. (I'm a teacher, and art is one of my subjects).

About 3 years ago I had a close look at them and saw that some bare spots were visible, where the paint had come off (possibly rubbed off by careless handling or even the flannel wrap). The spots are not too large, the biggest is about 1/4" diameter, if that, but very obvious on a small work. (One painting is more affected than the other) I wrapped them away again, 'cause I didn't want to face the problem.

Now I have my courage up and am thinking off tackling a repair, but I'm not sure:
Should i just try to paint in the empty spots? I seem to remember that claybord only takes so much paint before it's grip is lost and no more can be added. Do i have to prepare the claybord in some way?

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

As a bit of background, I used dry paint pigments (real ones) mixed with yolk to do these works. I let them cure then buffed them with a silk cloth. I didn't seal them with any type of varnish. (One that I did seal just looks waaaaay too shiny)

Thank you very much
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Old 08-12-08, 01:56 PM
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Hi Elizabeth,
I hope the problem isn't with the clayboard. There have been some discussions about its suitability for egg tempera. We'll assume it's OK, though. Generally speaking you don't need to 1. prepare the surface before painting or 2. varnish the surface after. You should be able to just apply the paint to the clayboard. Did the paint flake off or rub off? If it flaked off, then whatever caused it to lose adherence will probably happen again. If it rubbed off, you should be able to just go ahead and start painting. If you're going to feather the new paint out over the old paint you may want to brush on some egg yolk thinned with water to soften up the old paint. It will bead up, but keep brushing it on, then let it dry. I've done this in the past and it seems to work pretty well. It is almost impossible to get the same sheen, so your repair spot(s) will stand out a bit. After a few months, you can buff the entire painting with cotton and even it out.
Let us now how it goes.
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Old 09-12-08, 06:23 PM
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Default Missing Paint Spots

Do be sure that the problem is not a little round mold spot which can be gently rubbed off with a cotton ball. That can look like missing paint or in the case of phthalo blue, change the color of the paint. The other possible problem is silverfish or roaches or dermestid beetles eating the paint which is pretty tasty to them.

I have had fair luck using a dry brush stipple technique to patch a defect. I had to go slow, allowing a lot of drying time between paint applications.

Good luck with the process.

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Old 12-12-08, 12:52 AM
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I found that the best way of stopping that beading when you're painting over old et is using water with perhaps a drop or two of ox gall added and then rubbing the surface gently to cause some abrasion. Then when that has dried some to put on a layer of medium and water in order to prepare it.

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bare spots, claybord, repair

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