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Old 01-12-09, 04:08 PM
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Default Friskets and Masks

In the step-by-step demo, Demonstration 2, a frisket film is used. I've only ever used rubber cement for similar techniques, and, as a former oil painter, am not real up on this type of masking.
Can some of you elaborate on the film, on liquid frisket media, and how each works with the traditional ground and new tempera paint films? (i.e. Does removal of the frisket pick up underlying paint or ever deter proper adhesion of subsequent paint layers? Are there tricks to cutting film accurately?)
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Old 02-12-09, 05:33 PM
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As it was me responsible for Demo 2 guess I'd better give some more information.
I use a low tack masking film as used by 'airbrushers'. In the demo 2 the background will have been painted in........the film and backing paper is laid over the background and the 'new' shape is drawn in but slightly overlapping any previous paint film. With et I usually give the paint (dried for 24+ hours) a good polish with a soft lint free cloth such as silk. The mask is cut, removed from the backing sheet and carefully floated over the finished painted section with a slight overlap. With a surgical scalpel I carefully remove any paint within the area of the mask. I then complete whatever has to be painted, splattered etc within the mask. Before removing the mask I leave the paint to dry, a good 15+ minutes so as not to lift any underlying paint. After removing the mask it may be necessary to deal with any under runs and also any variations in paint film depth. With the latter I use an extremely fine sand paper then touch up any blemishes. With any under runs I either use the surgical scalpel to remove the under run and/or overpaint .
Cutting the film accurately........If you have a complicated shape, have a full size drawing of the shape. Lay the frisket over the drawing and trace through with a sharp surgical blade, I use a straight blade as opposed to a round blade.
Hope this helps
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Old 04-12-09, 03:00 PM
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I hope I'm not just sticking my oar in here, but I'd like to note that I use little bits of cardstock as makeshift friskets, leaving the sides straight for straight lines, and cutting various curves and angles for fiddly bits and edges. I simply hold them in place and paint around them. If I need to spatter a small area, I trace and cut the shape out of a piece of heavy tracing paper folded over and taped to the back of the panel.

Nothing against good frisket work; I just quietly went mad using the things and prefer faster -- admittedly, also not quite so precise -- methods.
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