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Old 22-06-10, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Alessandra Kelley View Post
I find the idea of Epson art papers interesting, Jeff. Thanks for cluing me in to them. Our printers are HP, but I assume one can use any paper in them. They do use dye-based inks I'm afraid, and it's been difficult to find really reliable information on their permanence.
I have successfully printed on regular watercolor paper (arches HP, using archival pigment inks) but the higher absorbency makes the images less saturated. This can be fixed by carefully surface-sizing the paper but the fine art papers are easier because a) they are pre-sized and b) there are publicly available printer profiles for these paper. And I always prefer to have a printer profile as it makes the task of matching colors accurately much easier (I struggled with this on the watercolor paper prints as the sizing changes things a little).

On an aside, I prefer to size papers myself as I prefer to control the glossiness of the final appearance. Also, it is possible to have brush marks from the sizing show in the final print which makes it interesting (though obviously, not everyone would like this). And finally, for large prints, the fine art printing papers seemed ridiculously expensive last I looked.

The epson inks I have supposedly make prints last for 50 years or so without fading (I remember this from when I last looked into them 6 years ago). Now they claim it lasts 200 years... In any case, this is under glass (all prints deteriorate faster when exposed to light, so I shudder at people displaying canvas prints sans glass).
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Old 23-06-10, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Alessandra Kelley View Post

Thanks for your very kind advice, Vermilion9...
Which is exactly why we broke down and bought Dreamweaver!

This may sound incredibly stupid...but I have noticed a lot more art for sale in local legal offices and restaurants. Does getting your art in front of bored people in waiting rooms/booths really work? We have a local restaurant that routinely does exhibitions with area artists and he keeps the art on the walls for at least a month. Does anyone have any experience with anything similar?
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Old 07-01-11, 08:00 PM
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Originally Posted by vermillion9 View Post
Does anyone have any experience with anything similar?
I have in the past with one of my gallery agents, they put up paintings in 3 restruants and two Posh furniture stores for two years they only sold 1 painting, and nobody actully came to the gallery to follow up.

It might or should work if the Bar/Restruant targets to 40~65 agr group had a room dedicated to the paintings in a waiting room before move to the table - possibly!
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Old 08-01-11, 01:49 PM
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I haven't sold any paintings on line, but I have bought. When I was in New Zealand I first came across Graham Sydney. His Paintings are thousands of dollars but I fell in love with them and bought some small prints in a shop.

When I got home I regretted not buying a large print to hang on my wall, so found he has a website and purchased one. It was shipped to me in the UK.

so having a website and selling prints can allow a wider audience to appreciate your work, but if it wasn't for the small prints in a gift shop I'd never have found his work in the first place.
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